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Thou Shall Not Try Me Graphic Tee

Thou Shall Not Try Me Graphic Tee

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Super soft and comfy, these are a Unisex Fit.

I make them in-house. I use a special printer, special paper, and special ink to create each design. Then I press the design into the fabric. This shirt will not peel, it's not a screen print or vinyl. It's worth every penny!

100% Polyester or a polyester blend depending on what I have in stock.
Wash items inside out in cold water, do not use more bleach, low tumble dry, and steam iron if needed.

** If you want a different color or a bleached shirt send me a message. **

** Sublimation can only be put on LIGHT colors. No Dark Colors. **

** Bleached shirts can be any color but Black. **

** I will have to order any color other than white because I only keep white in stock. So shipping will be a bit longer. **

If you have any questions you can always contact me :)
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